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कुछ क्षण ऐसे भी आते हैं ! 10 May 2022

 कभी कभी घिर जाते हैं हम गहरे किसी दलदल में, फँस जाते हैं जिंदगी के चक्के किसी कीचड़ में, तब जिंदगी चलती भी है तो रेंगकर, लगता है सब रुका हुआ सा। बेहोशी में लगता है सब सही है, पता नहीं रहता अपने होने का भी, तब बेहोशी हमें पता नहीं लगने देती कि होश पूरा जा चुका है। ठीक भी है बेहोशी ना हो तो पता कैसे लगाइएगा की होश में रहना क्या होता है, विपरीत से ही दूसरे विपरीत को प्रकाश मिलता है अन्यथा महत्व क्या रह जायेगा किसी भी बात का फिर तो सही भी ना रहेगा गलत भी ना रहेगा सब शून्य रहेगा। बेहोशी भी रूकती नहीं हमेशा के लिए कभी आते हैं ऐसे क्षण भी जब एक दम से यूटूर्न मार जाती है आपकी नियति, आपको लगता है जैसे आँधी आयी कोई और उसने सब साफ कर दिया, बेहोशी गिर गयी धड़ाम से जमीन पर, आपसे अलग होकर। अभी आप देख पा रहे हो बाहर की चीजें साफ साफ, आपको दिख रहा है कि बेहोशी में जो कुछ चल रहा था वो मेरे भीतर कभी नही चला। जो भी था सब बाहर की बात थी, मैं तो बस भूल गया था खुद को बेहोशी में, ध्यान ना रहा था कि सब जो चल रहा था कोई स्वप्न था। खैर जो भी था सही था, जैसी प्रभु की इच्छा, जब मन किया ध्यान में डुबो दिया जब मन कि

Diwali Crackers Ban, Air Pollution and Great smog of Delhi

Hello, guys, I hope you all are doing well, it has been a long time when I am writing a recent blog without wasting your time let's move to the point.

I know I am late, as we all know Supreme court delivered a Judgement on October 9 that selling of fireworks will be banned in Delhi NCR region till November 1.

As I've been living in Delhi NCR for last 5 years so I know very well, How much polluted it is? and what happened on the day after Diwali?, I think I should focus on unbiased views so first of all let's know some shocking figures of Delhi NCR-

  • Delhi, a 6th most populated metropolis in the world, the ranking goes to 2nd if NCR region is included and unfortunately one of the most heavily polluted cities in India.

  • NCR residents are losing out on almost 6 years of life because of the dangerous air pollution levels.

  • according to the WHO. In Delhi, inadequate quality air damages irreversibly the lungs of 2.2 million or 50 percent of all children.

  • In November 2016, in an event known as the Great Smog of Delhi, the air pollution spiked far beyond acceptable levels. Levels of PM2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter hit 999 micrograms per cubic meter, while the safe limits for those pollutants are 60 and 100 respectively. (Source- )

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I hope now many of you have got some valid reasons why selling of crackers has been banned in Delhi NCR, I am not here to give any biased opinion so let’s move to other factors which show that Deepawali crackers bursting is not the only responsible, there are many other factors are the reason behind the Air Pollution Level of NCR, here one by one I am going to discuss those points below: -

Major Reasons-

  • Industrial Areas of Delhi NCR – Air Pollution in Delhi is caused mainly by industry, as I found Patparganj, Wazipur Industrial Area, Rajasthani Udyog Nagar, are some heavy industrialized areas of Delhi which release the heavy wastes and pollutants.


  • Vehicular Emissions: - This is the saddest reality of Metro Cities people want to live luxurious life, no one wants to prefer public transport result of it, vehicular emissions contribute to 63% of the Air pollution in Delhi, there are 7* millions of cars in Delhi and 1400 new ones are added to the count every day after reading this figure you could imagine the horrible future of Delhi NCR.

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  • Over Population: - A line is known about Delhi is “The city is stretched beyond its means.” According to a report, in 2014, Delhi was the second most populated city in the world. This is eye-opening fact is enough to answer every question, why Delhi is over polluted?

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Some other common Factors: -

  • Air Conditions

  • Burning of Paddy fields in Haryana and Punjab

  • Smoking

  • Deforestation

I hope after reading these factors, you could predict that One day of bursting cracker is not the only reason of over pollution.

Now I would like to ask some questions which are striking in my confused mind: -

  • Why cracker ban on Deepawali only? I think bursting crackers on Eid, New Year, Christmas should be banned (Sorry If you find me wrong but this is logical) even cracker bursting should be banned on every celebration either it is a wedding celebration or a cricket celebration.

  • Why can’t we prefer public transport once/twice a month? Why can’t they shut down their AC/Heavy Machines once/twice a month?

  • I know we don’t afraid of death, but can we quit smoking for Future sake?

  • Can we start making small efforts by plant roping?

So, I am not here supporting cracker bursting on Deepawali, Even I am not bursting crackers for last 5 years. But I believe in unbiased mentality so please stop blaming only Deepawali Celebration. Yes, crackers shouldn’t be banned on Deepawali but should be banned forever if our city is already over polluted.

That’s all about my straightforward thoughts.

Thanks for reading and giving your valuable time, Happy Deepawali! I am not here to become a philosopher so don’t care about my critic thoughts, especially for parents, let your children do, whatever they want to do on this Deepawali, don’t stop them to burn fireworks until you quit smoking, or until you start applying the precautions to save this environment. (Sorry again I became a criticizer)

Wish you all very happy and prosperous Deepawali.

Love You all.


Shubhankar Thinks

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