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कुछ क्षण ऐसे भी आते हैं ! 10 May 2022

 कभी कभी घिर जाते हैं हम गहरे किसी दलदल में, फँस जाते हैं जिंदगी के चक्के किसी कीचड़ में, तब जिंदगी चलती भी है तो रेंगकर, लगता है सब रुका हुआ सा। बेहोशी में लगता है सब सही है, पता नहीं रहता अपने होने का भी, तब बेहोशी हमें पता नहीं लगने देती कि होश पूरा जा चुका है। ठीक भी है बेहोशी ना हो तो पता कैसे लगाइएगा की होश में रहना क्या होता है, विपरीत से ही दूसरे विपरीत को प्रकाश मिलता है अन्यथा महत्व क्या रह जायेगा किसी भी बात का फिर तो सही भी ना रहेगा गलत भी ना रहेगा सब शून्य रहेगा। बेहोशी भी रूकती नहीं हमेशा के लिए कभी आते हैं ऐसे क्षण भी जब एक दम से यूटूर्न मार जाती है आपकी नियति, आपको लगता है जैसे आँधी आयी कोई और उसने सब साफ कर दिया, बेहोशी गिर गयी धड़ाम से जमीन पर, आपसे अलग होकर। अभी आप देख पा रहे हो बाहर की चीजें साफ साफ, आपको दिख रहा है कि बेहोशी में जो कुछ चल रहा था वो मेरे भीतर कभी नही चला। जो भी था सब बाहर की बात थी, मैं तो बस भूल गया था खुद को बेहोशी में, ध्यान ना रहा था कि सब जो चल रहा था कोई स्वप्न था। खैर जो भी था सही था, जैसी प्रभु की इच्छा, जब मन किया ध्यान में डुबो दिया जब मन कि

One-sided lens of my Spectacles

Hello every one,
I hope you all are doing well
, today am going to share my problem, I am facing a problem of myopia since last few years. If you are not aware with this word, then I would like to tell you that Blurry vision in one eye or both eyes may be a symptom of myopia. I went to doctors and they fully checked up my eyes with the scanner and they found everything okay also they recommended me eat healthy foods and vegetables after that I followed up a diet plan for 2 months but my problem remained the same. Now again I visited the eye care center and again doctors scanned my eyes and again they found everything okay, I was totally shocked to know that my eye nerves are totally fit. I returned home and discussed this problem with some friends of mine, one of them was my closest friend and he recommended me to visit a psychologist. I was totally helpless so the next day I fixed an appointment with a famous psychologist in my city, He asked me  “so! what’s your problem man?”

“Sir, actually I am facing blurry vision in one side-eye” I replied with a sad face. The doctor smiled at me and said to me “I am psychologist dude, you are at the wrong place. You should visit any eye care center.

“Sir I visited twice but they were failed to find the solution after that one of my close friends recommended me to visit psychologist,” I replied.

The doctor was an expert in psychology so he tried to understand my problem and he asked me to explain my whole problem, then I started

“I have a girlfriend and we both are close to each other, I love to touch her, kiss her and love to hold her hand publicly after all she is my property but another side of my eye can’t tolerate if my sister hang out with boys, I can’t bear if anyone try to hold her hand publicly after all she is my sister naa.

In another case, I like to judge everyone by his/her first impression, if someone is showing rudely behavior then I declare him as rude or uneducated, another side of my eye never try to find they actual circumstances of that person. For example – I am travelling in a train or bus, if a girl is shouting on a male passenger then within a minute I declare that person as criminal and start beating him. If a beautiful girl is standing in bus, then I love to offer my seat to her because I support women empowerment but another side of my eye can’t see those senior citizens who are unable to stand on foots. Another side of my eye never view those physically disabled people who are facing the problem during road crossing.

If I discuss about my political views then firstly I would like to labeled me as secular human, I can see the mass mob lynching by my sharp eyes but I don’t to see Bengal riots since 2016. I can see the murder cases of special cast people but another side of my eye never shows the murder cases of high caste people.

I see the mob lynching in India but another side of my eye can't see the cow robbery and murder of the cow's honor .I support freedom of speech and another side I can't see the misuse of freedom of speech.

I say that "Terrorism has no religion " but I don't take a single minute to declare Hindu terrorism if a minority is assaulted even I don't want to understand the whole situation.
As I told I am secular human so I believe in schedule caste empowerment but another side of my eye never support anti reservation system. I love to label the people as liberals, bhakts if someone try to speak actual truth.

My friends always tell me that one side of my eye is showing blurry vision of objects and another side is crystal clear like water so doctor please help me out to overcome this problem”

The psychologist took 5 minutes and said to me “Do you prefer any glass or contact lens? “

“Yes, someone gifted me trendy spectacles and I use to prefer that one when I see the world.”

“Okay! Show me that spectacles" psychologist said.

I took it out of my pocket and handed him over.

“Oh, now I see the problem! Congrats Your both side eye lenses are safe! look Your one side glass of spectacles is missing so please stop wearing spectacles if your eyes are already fit and safe. "

-The psychologist said to me

From that day, I stopped using spectacles and now my eye visions are so clear.

Moral – Please stop using any type of political or religious one-sided spectacles and use your mind for clear vision. Please Don’t see colors, skins, gender, religion, or caste just see a human being. If a person is killing someone then he should be labeled as a murderer either he is Hindu, either he is Muslim, either he is Cristian. Criminal should be labeled as criminal don't make it controversial topic by adding the religious spices because majority and minority both have equal rights and they both deserve religious beliefs so please don't try to give any special treatment for a specific one for popularity sake.

Thank you!

Special note - I hope my thoughts would screw up some minds, I can't help it.

Shubhankar Sharma

© Confused Thoughts


  1. Very interesting post, Addressing serious issues Shubhankar.

  2. Thanks for reading my long post 😀😀

  3. Welcom !!!! Long n interesting . 😊

  4. Beautifully written..nice post on serious issues.

  5. I am glad to know !
    Jrur kuch thoughts match kr rhe honge apke vrna ye article kuch logo k liye bhut galat b ho skta Hai
    Achha LGA jankar
    Thanks for appreciations

  6. Mujhe to aapkaa post pasand aayaa.

  7. Aisi comments meri Kalam ko aur b jyada liberty dengi !

  8. Well written. Got me hooked till the end. Good going!

  9. Thank you so much for reading my article .

  10. The title was diverse and the post was so interesting and very well written!👍

  11. Thank you so much for warm appreciations !

  12. Thanks for reading and giving your views !

  13. Really mostly people facing this myopial view in terms of society.. beautifully narrated

  14. Very impressive and interesting, i liked ur thought and techinque of showing words so effectively.

  15. I glad you liked it !
    Meri abhivyakti ki sarahna krne k liye dhanyavaad !

  16. Its my pleasure to encourage u, so that u write more article.

  17. Sahi baat Kahi AP sabhi logon ki comments mere liye energy source Hoti Hai !abhaar apka


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