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मौसम बदले जीवन बदले, तुम फिर फिर अपने गीत सुनाना

जीवन है तो मौसम हैं, मरने के बाद बस एक मौसम रहेगा। फिर कभी नए नए मौसम देखने का मौका ना रहेगा। जीवन है तो आयेंगे उबासी भरे दिन, कभी बसंत महोत्सव कभी पतझड़ कभी बरसाती काली रातें। तुम चलते रहना अपनी राह, चाहे कोई भी हो। तुम बदल मत लेना चलने का ढ़ंग सिर्फ़ इसलिए  क्योंकि पूरी दुनिया तुम्हारे साथ गलत कर रही है। तुम रुक मत जाना देखकर कि कितना आसान है सब यहाँ, जहाँ तुम्हारे लिए सब कुछ उपलब्ध हो बिना किसी कठिनता के। तुम बहक मत जाना सुख देखकर, रखना याद की ये केवल एक मौसम है बदल जायेगा, तुम मन मत बना लेना सबसे कट जाने का इसलिए कि तुम्हारे साथ कोई ज्यादती हुई है, तुम ख़ुद से बचकर मत भागना इसलिए कि तुम में कमियाँ बहुत हैं। तुम कोई बोझ मत लाद लेना, अपने कंधे पर की तुम्हारे बिना ये सब काम कोई और ना करेगा। तुम होना खड़े किसी रास्ते पर, देखना ऊपर आसमान में और देखना फिर अपने शरीर को, कोई फ़र्क नहीं है तुम में और इस खुले आसमान में। तुम ऐसे चलना जैसे कोई राजा चलता है, ऐसे बोलना जैसे राजा बोलते हैं। तुम राजी मत हो जाना किसी के गुलाम बनने को, तुम देना सबको जितना दे सको, देखना मत मुड़कर पीछे की तरफ, राजा देते हैं


PREVIOUSLY ROHAN GOT texts from a unknown number he was so excited,

now next_

As we know Rohan love to keep himself alone, that’s who don’t behave like other those who share their all naughty chat conversation with friends so this time he keep same. Sometimes Rohan talk to himself beacuase no one cant make control over  the thoughts. His first thought tells him “Rohan may be there will be a relative” but he reply to thought “But I have all contacts in my phone then how can it possible “  within second  Another thought come to him “Rohan sure any friend of you is there and wants to troll you “  again Rohan says “No man ! I don’t have lame friends like this if anyone wants to troll he will directly come to my room , why he will waste his time by sending messages” during this session one another thought was on hold since starting but Rohan does not want to think about it or he think why any girl will send him message even none of his friend is girl . Finally he decide to ask directly to the person who did send the message “hello “ “ sorry your number is not in my contact list “ – Rohan have texted rudely,We can say he is little bit rude but  “ pretty people are not always honest but honest people can be rude in speech”. Rohan is just waiting for response within minute typing signal is showing there ,excitedly Rohan opens the inbox and keep wait for text and finally a text come from other side  “ Hello Rohan ! I am nikki”


Instantly Rohan reply back “oh! Am so sorry actually number was new that’s why I asked “

she- “its ok! I lost my old phone and now I have purchased new one “

after that Rohan save her number in contact list and ask to her  “ how are you? “

she reads within second and replies back “ I am awesome , you say what about you ?”

“ I am good “ – he replies .

she- “what is going on?”

“nothing special! just boring life is passing around with time , hostel to college and again return back to hostel ! thats it “ Rohan replies .

Actually Rohan becomes much talkative if anyone wants to discuss something .

she- “oh sounds good ! means you are in new college “

Rohan- “yes! I took admission in B.Tech”

she-“wow amazing! You will become engineer “

Frustrated  Rohan replies  “ I just hate my college timing sometimes I sleep during lectures”

She send smiley of rofl and say “ I know you can handle all situation , I remember you always came first in school “

Rohan says “ no yar ! now things are different , I am sick of from study “

She – “ I cant believe , are you really Rohan who always got involve in books even you ignore all “

Rohan replies with smile “ hehe but now i am backbencher by the way what about your study “

She “ I am pursuing from Delhi “   “oh really! You are in Delhi , I am staying here in Greater Noida “

She “ sounds nice! Ok Listen I  gotta go because in our hostel 9-11pm is self study period , talk to you later “

Rohan – “ good night see you “

She- “sweet dreams! TC” .

Now come to the point ,a question may be in your mind if Rohan don’t talk to girls then how can she find his number , actually her full name is Nikita and she was his classmate since nursery class , as you know Rohan is little bit shy so rarely they did talk in school but this is another thing that Rohan and she both were in same tution batch. Actually she is much beautiful that is why all school boys were mad about her but she never gave damn shit attention to anyone even Rohan was just a classmate to her , who knows it was Rohan’s fault or her charm’s ??



But how can he stop thinking about her , may be it is an opportunity for him that she is texting him first , but how can i predict because he is mysterious soul even he is also not aware what is happening,he is still checking previous messages again and again , everything is automated ...............









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