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कुछ क्षण ऐसे भी आते हैं ! 10 May 2022

 कभी कभी घिर जाते हैं हम गहरे किसी दलदल में, फँस जाते हैं जिंदगी के चक्के किसी कीचड़ में, तब जिंदगी चलती भी है तो रेंगकर, लगता है सब रुका हुआ सा। बेहोशी में लगता है सब सही है, पता नहीं रहता अपने होने का भी, तब बेहोशी हमें पता नहीं लगने देती कि होश पूरा जा चुका है। ठीक भी है बेहोशी ना हो तो पता कैसे लगाइएगा की होश में रहना क्या होता है, विपरीत से ही दूसरे विपरीत को प्रकाश मिलता है अन्यथा महत्व क्या रह जायेगा किसी भी बात का फिर तो सही भी ना रहेगा गलत भी ना रहेगा सब शून्य रहेगा। बेहोशी भी रूकती नहीं हमेशा के लिए कभी आते हैं ऐसे क्षण भी जब एक दम से यूटूर्न मार जाती है आपकी नियति, आपको लगता है जैसे आँधी आयी कोई और उसने सब साफ कर दिया, बेहोशी गिर गयी धड़ाम से जमीन पर, आपसे अलग होकर। अभी आप देख पा रहे हो बाहर की चीजें साफ साफ, आपको दिख रहा है कि बेहोशी में जो कुछ चल रहा था वो मेरे भीतर कभी नही चला। जो भी था सब बाहर की बात थी, मैं तो बस भूल गया था खुद को बेहोशी में, ध्यान ना रहा था कि सब जो चल रहा था कोई स्वप्न था। खैर जो भी था सही था, जैसी प्रभु की इच्छा, जब मन किया ध्यान में डुबो दिया जब मन कि

My Confused Thoughts - Words

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you all are doing well if not then hit me back.

Now let's come to the point, as you know I am confused by my thoughts so today again words are pulling me to write something on WordPress, I really don't know what will be that title but I am writing first.

Today I opened YouTube and listened to poetry. Some poetries were heart touching, some of them were normal (I can't judge if I can't write like this ) but there was a difference between heart touching and normal poetry. It was just words, everyone knows that English has 26, and Hindi has only 52 alphabets but the matter is that how the poet uses the alphabet? How beautifully he/she has arranged the words! 

Honestly, I am writing since December but still, I don't care about words, maybe it is my laziness or lack of knowledge but still, I am learning, I learn very much from your posts, your poems so it is your responsibility (WP family)you should point out mistakes if I or anyone is misusing the words. I think WordPress is a place where only those people come who are really poetry lover or writer, who think they can read or write something better so understand how much effort is put by someone who writes a poem, story or blog, I mean to say he/she try to put his/her all feelings in a blog. I don't know why I am telling all these things because everyone knows about all but the thing is that you should react. That's all I will not bring my thoughts to another direction so come to the point.

"Words never die, words never come back they roam around the globe, they are alive till the end "

According to our holy books Purana, Shastra. If you don't know what is Purana then don't be confused by this word if you know then it's good. Actually, I am Hindu and I am not sure but Shastra and Purana are basic fundamentals of Hinduism. Actually, Hinduism has no definition, no boundaries, no limits, also can't say it is religion because it is a culture where you are free to do anything (oops sorry again ). Now you are thinking that I am racist because I have used all my words about Hinduism only. My words are showing that I am praising my religion. That was the effect of word arrangement.

"Actually I hate all things which end with  ism prefix, like racism, sexism, castism, nationalism  except criticism and Hinduism (sorry I can't help it ) ."

Now you are thinking I am getting mad because at starting topic was different after that I have talked about WordPress then I entered religion after that silly statement . 

Actually, I was just trying to point my thought which is a word, I mean to say 

The setting of your words can change the whole scenario, sometimes a single word makes a totally different meaning.

Words are words they climb in everyone's mind but it is your choice how nicely you use them. 

so choose your words wisely.

Thank you to all who are reading till the end if you are not then you are luckier than readers because you have saved your time but please don't throw your free likes on my post if you are not reading (I am so sorry sometimes I become rude ) as you know I also misuse my words but I can't help it because of my confused Thoughts. 

©Confused Thoughts


  1. True true. Words can inflict pain and soothe the hurt. They can cure and they can kill. Care must be taken in how one uses them.

  2. Sometimes random thoughts with imperative words are best way to ease you out.. 👍👍👍

  3. Mam you got my point correctly ! What I wanted to express , thanks for understanding my thoughts

  4. Your thoughts are really worth of attention :)

  5. How to choose the most expressive word is limited by one's vocabulary. Take a few of your favorite and Google the synonyms and antonyms. There you will feel which for you is exactly the one you needed to add that extra emotion. Great free writing example.

  6. Thank you so much for such kinda amazing and valuable response ! 🙏🙏

  7. Words have got that magical power to adjust themselves according to the notion of listeners... And that behind words while weaving poetries, is the real asset for writers...

  8. Exactly ,
    Thanks for giving your valuable response !
    Your words are priceless

  9. Hmm...but i donno why i can't appreciate words like valuable, priceless etc..😜

  10. Actually scene is different here !
    I love when anyone do comment on my thoughts whether comment is good or bad , that why every comment is priceless for me 😁😁

  11. I know..i was just being sarcastic..😉

  12. And you know, here in his wp it is very rare to hear something bad, so which in fact becomes priceless for me😜

  13. Really some "confusing " thoughts and comments taking place here..

    Words are indeed powerful and is a hurtful weapon if used as such..

    But it can cause every reaction there is..

    It's food for thought in what you have to say though..
    And after all.. you are just confused 🤷‍♀️ thoughts

  14. Yes I am confused ! 🙏
    Thank you so much for understanding my thoughts
    I love when people like you do comment on my post ,your comments work like medicine .

  15. We are for support and encouragements..
    and to add a little humor..

  16. Oh thank you so much for your warm support and love !

  17. That's what we followers do..
    You are welcome

  18. Can you give me link !
    Because I am failed to find

  19. But you will just see the same posts as WP

  20. Means you don't tweet other stuff like political views and general things


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