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कुछ क्षण ऐसे भी आते हैं ! 10 May 2022

 कभी कभी घिर जाते हैं हम गहरे किसी दलदल में, फँस जाते हैं जिंदगी के चक्के किसी कीचड़ में, तब जिंदगी चलती भी है तो रेंगकर, लगता है सब रुका हुआ सा। बेहोशी में लगता है सब सही है, पता नहीं रहता अपने होने का भी, तब बेहोशी हमें पता नहीं लगने देती कि होश पूरा जा चुका है। ठीक भी है बेहोशी ना हो तो पता कैसे लगाइएगा की होश में रहना क्या होता है, विपरीत से ही दूसरे विपरीत को प्रकाश मिलता है अन्यथा महत्व क्या रह जायेगा किसी भी बात का फिर तो सही भी ना रहेगा गलत भी ना रहेगा सब शून्य रहेगा। बेहोशी भी रूकती नहीं हमेशा के लिए कभी आते हैं ऐसे क्षण भी जब एक दम से यूटूर्न मार जाती है आपकी नियति, आपको लगता है जैसे आँधी आयी कोई और उसने सब साफ कर दिया, बेहोशी गिर गयी धड़ाम से जमीन पर, आपसे अलग होकर। अभी आप देख पा रहे हो बाहर की चीजें साफ साफ, आपको दिख रहा है कि बेहोशी में जो कुछ चल रहा था वो मेरे भीतर कभी नही चला। जो भी था सब बाहर की बात थी, मैं तो बस भूल गया था खुद को बेहोशी में, ध्यान ना रहा था कि सब जो चल रहा था कोई स्वप्न था। खैर जो भी था सही था, जैसी प्रभु की इच्छा, जब मन किया ध्यान में डुबो दिया जब मन कि

Trip To Kota Rajasthan

​Hello everyone

I am not a travel blogger but today I am going to discuss my small trip, hope it will help you if in future you go to Kota (Rajasthan)

One of my sisters is preparing for the medical exam in Kota so I went there with my cousin's brother. My sis did not visit any place there also she was not interested in it as you know about study freak child :) (because she is preparing for medical). But I and my brother were excited to visit some famous places in Kota so, first of all, I took all suggestions from people after that we started to visit them one by one but lack of time, I visited a few of them.

I am going to discuss all those places 


I thought that the Chambal garden- will be like a normal garden, different types of flowers and trees will be there, it will be amazing but sadly when I entered, I was shocked because it seemed like very normal park which you can find anywhere or in any city/society.

But when I went to the right corner of the park , I was amazed, there was a beautiful river bank from where you can watch the most beautiful scenes. A river which name is Chambal, was flowing silently where I lost myself into the river , and I was trying to click the beautiful scenery but my cam was too small to capture that panoramic view only my eyes were witnessing :).

I crossed barriers and go to the rock, it was risky but I want to watch closely. I can spend a whole day there but we had to move from there. 


I heard a lot about this park so I decided to visit that place, when we arrived at the gate , I was excited to watch all wonders, honestly, it was just a dream , wonders were not attractive sorry maybe they all are beautiful but I don't think so.

Suddenly I saw a huge bridge there which was hanging on the river Chambal. I felt "oh god! Thank you ".  on the bridge there was a ticket counter from where you can do boating but we did not do because I  don't love boating. But the night scene of river Chambal was priceless, attractive fountains were stealing me all controls. I wished to watch them closely but I was failed Because they were situated in the center of the river , I  also watched a temple in the center . Lights were sparkling there but I failed to go there, so we decided to watch another part of 7 wonder parks.


I am not going to discuss difficulties how many problems we had to reach that place. Directly I come to point.

First scene,

I watched a small temple, sorry I mean normal temple mostly you can watch outside every village if you ever visit any village of up .so we went close to temple, there was the starting point of ladders, the way was going to down. We started descending ladders, you watch down, you can see the hilarious scene from ladders Because there was a deep trench, or if you lift your eyes, you will feel like the biggest rocks are ready to fall. And the water was leaking from rocks also leakage was creating small waterfalls, water was normal, pure and drinkable, you can take a bath there. When we finished all ladders, there was a small temple of Mahadev, people of Rajasthan come here for their tradition. After visiting the temple we did start climbing different rocks and was taking pics in different poses, at starting I felt fear about rocks but after some time we were running from one rock to another. That time an idea came to our mind, we should go down at the lowest point of the trench where all water was storing which leak out from small waterfalls .so we went down .5 km down .here beautiful waterfall was washing our feet, I can't explain my feeling by words if I try maybe it will be insufficient to express that feeling. Only those can understand who did/do so now we decided to return back from there so we did start climbing and now feet were too tired but still one thought was coming "oh man I am the witness of this beautiful scenery". 


Actually, we were walking on street suddenly a fort had appeared, as you know I am a history lover and nature lover so I can't stop my feet so we found the main gate of the fort.

Garh is the fort of maharaja Bhim Singh who was the emperor of Kota state when we entered one security person told me that "please don't take pics and if you want then you will have to purchase another ticket for the camera ". But the next scene was heartbroken when he said: "entry in the main fort is not allowed for visitors". I and my brother both were sad but he also told that "you can visit the museum ", we went into the museum at starting point there were lots of नगाडा (actually I don't know the English meaning, you cant tell drums because it is too different ). Long ago, नगाडा was used for announcement purpose means it played the biggest role to start any event,just cut the crap yaar (मैं गहराई मैं चला जाता हूं):D

After that I watched the सूर्यघडी, जलघडी,ज्योतिष घडी, I knew that long ago our rishi muni had scientific mind they made all types of the watch but that day I was a witness of truth. Then we entered in the first hall of museum you can watch all types of clothes, dresses of king and queen, they're makeup kits, wonderful chairs, seats, toys of children, different types of horoscope charts, very old handwritten books(स्मृतियां,उपनिषद,कुछ अन्य रचनायें).

Now we moved to another hall was named as शस्त्रगृह(I am not sure what name was ) 

There was a huge collection of weapons

I saw different designs of bow and arrows, swords were amazing, spears, sharp poniard which are made by gold and silver.

I lost my self, I was thinking about worriers how they handle their weapons and how they do fight each other, lots of thoughts were going on. I watched many other old things which can force you to think about past history. Overall it was an amazing experience. 

When you enter into fort there is a restaurant, looks cool but I really don't know about dishes how good they cook because they did not give any chance, we ordered cold coffee first, but he told "not available" after that I thought we should taste DOSA again he answered "Not ready yet" 

Thanks for reading my useless traveling blog because Google map can help you better to find visiting places and their pics but honestly Google made us fool a lot of times, be positive.

Pic credit - Lenovo 6000+(believe me I am a bad photographer)

© Confused Thoughts


  1. Lovely pictures. :)

  2. i.e "Chambal Garden ... On the bank of Chambal river. .. . Beautiful place

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was a pleasure to read :)

  4. Your comments give me reason to write more and more !
    Thanks for reading my blogs

  5. Its a good place . you can visit all the continents at a place . :-)

  6. The waterfall is amazing..beautiful shots. loved it.

  7. Yes it is 😁!
    Thank you so much 🙏

  8. Exactly bro !
    Thanks for reading my post


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