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There are two parts of stress first one positive other one negative.

Positive part tends to performance improvement . It gives the motivation to us . We feel like "oh man ! So much pressure of work , so much pressure of study , so much pressure of exam but overall we have a hope and say to us " I dont care about pressure , I will do work hard and automatically stress will be released "

this comes from our strength if we have power to control over this situation . Positive part of  stress works when we have quality and have guts to handle situations . This thing tends to success , we can achieve our dreams ,no matter how many times I get fail .Second part of stress tends to fatigue, fatigue is directly proportional to performance decrement . We cant always think positive , our mind mostly think negatively but our heart always wants to remove negativity but mind have control over thoughts and 70% times we think about negativity, when we are not happy with work or we don't want to work , we have less strengths to handle current situation that time unfortunately someone gives us too much work , pressure and after all we enters in fatigue zone . Where we feel like " oh man! Wtf I can't do this ! It's not my cup of tea " or sometimes people say " oh shit ! My boss is such a dork , how can I work ,he always put his nose " . Means people have reasons . We can't be positive in these situations , suppose a worker complete a work everyday , one day his colleagues are absent and his boss told him "you have to do 3 project today because 2 person are absent so I don't want to stop project " after this worker will feel like looser and his performance will be down . While his boss wanted to increase by giving much stress .but it was totally negative so it's all about negative part of stress .
I don't know what type of stress I m feeling , but I am trying to be positive , writing always gives me energy to handle stress that's why I wrote this scrub ,let's hope soon I will release 

Thank for reading my confused thought 😐😐😐


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