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कुछ क्षण ऐसे भी आते हैं ! 10 May 2022

 कभी कभी घिर जाते हैं हम गहरे किसी दलदल में, फँस जाते हैं जिंदगी के चक्के किसी कीचड़ में, तब जिंदगी चलती भी है तो रेंगकर, लगता है सब रुका हुआ सा। बेहोशी में लगता है सब सही है, पता नहीं रहता अपने होने का भी, तब बेहोशी हमें पता नहीं लगने देती कि होश पूरा जा चुका है। ठीक भी है बेहोशी ना हो तो पता कैसे लगाइएगा की होश में रहना क्या होता है, विपरीत से ही दूसरे विपरीत को प्रकाश मिलता है अन्यथा महत्व क्या रह जायेगा किसी भी बात का फिर तो सही भी ना रहेगा गलत भी ना रहेगा सब शून्य रहेगा। बेहोशी भी रूकती नहीं हमेशा के लिए कभी आते हैं ऐसे क्षण भी जब एक दम से यूटूर्न मार जाती है आपकी नियति, आपको लगता है जैसे आँधी आयी कोई और उसने सब साफ कर दिया, बेहोशी गिर गयी धड़ाम से जमीन पर, आपसे अलग होकर। अभी आप देख पा रहे हो बाहर की चीजें साफ साफ, आपको दिख रहा है कि बेहोशी में जो कुछ चल रहा था वो मेरे भीतर कभी नही चला। जो भी था सब बाहर की बात थी, मैं तो बस भूल गया था खुद को बेहोशी में, ध्यान ना रहा था कि सब जो चल रहा था कोई स्वप्न था। खैर जो भी था सही था, जैसी प्रभु की इच्छा, जब मन किया ध्यान में डुबो दिया जब मन कि

Love Or Lust

Hello guys 

 i hope you all are doing well 

So let's come to the point , as you know about my username confused thoughts, in real life I m so confused , I can't decide what to do , what to write  so today again I am going to discuss some messy things . 

I heard very much about love , I am m honest , I have no experience about love or relationships so I can't get the depth of topic , but I will try to find out some questions? Which always comes to my mind 

Question is : what is love or what is lust ? 

Today m not gonna discuss about all types of love because I can't explain love in single blog  or I would like to say " no one can give the proper explanation about love , no boundaries can cover up the height of love "

But main topic is youth love stories , today youth are very frank and they never feel hesitation About their relationships , they accept it publicly , generally I see the couple pics  on Instagram or fb or whatsapp , they also post their cuddle pic , kissing pics , lifting poses which seems very petty . I also feel very good about them when I see any couple . 

I read many quotes , many posts about love but one day  I got a new word which was LUST , word was totally new for me because I studied in boys school so I was totally unaware about relationships but I watched many love story based movies so I knew what is love , I tried to find out the word lust then I directly switched to Wikipedia and wiki told me definition like this "Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. The lust can take any form such as the lust for sex, lust for expensive objects (extravagance) or the lust for power. It can take such mundane forms as the lust for food as distinct from the need for food. Lust is a psychological force producing intense wanting for an object, or circumstance fulfilling the emotion." - source (Wikipedia)

But looks like bookish definition as you know I am very curious person so I have to search on other sites also I discussed with some couples , finally I got something 

If someone have only sexual desires about anyone , it seems like above definition but I got another point which was love or lust

A girl discussed her story on Facebook 

" I was in love with a guy , he was very good by nature , he also cared me , I loved him very much , we were too close , one day he tried to have sex , it was fine for me because I thought that it will help us to increase the attachment so I did agree after having sex , he started ignoring me day by day after all finally he left me without reason now he is in love with other girl, I realize that he was not in love with me , he had lust for me "

After hearing this story I found the general meaning of lust .it means if anyone attract   to other one because of her/his beauty or perfection then  it is called lust  

I m still confused ,if we talk about the starting stage of love , when a boy notice a girl who look beautiful and pretty or may be her voice is too sweet , in other case girl is fashionable in other case girl is writer 😂 and boy feel magic in air and finally he become lover  , he follow her at every place after that he decide to propose her directly and tell her all feelings finally she reply back YES or NO . 

Now don't you think it was lust (sorry I am mad because I have no experience😂😂😂) but I try to prove , boy firstly saw the beauty or any quality of that girl and after that he decided to propose her , it looks like the above definition of lust because no one can prove that guy dont have any sexual desire because he attracted with her because she is beautiful . Now leave it , it is useless thing 

Now talk about girl how  they give the response if someone propose to her , if boy is feminist , if boy looks attractive , if he is rich (m sorry girls , I am little bit stupid ),if boy have car , if boy is brilliant student , if boy is dancer , guitarist , in all cases she will say yes  to him (I am not talking about all , again I admit sorry )

Now comes to point if boy was only in love because of her beauty and she say yes because of his quality then I can easily put category love in the list of LUST . (Sorry discussion was all about youth relationships mostly I was talking about metro city people ) I know I haven't discussed about category of lust as you know I have no idea 😂

So finally I am neutral I don't know what is love what is lust . 

Thanks for reading my confused thoughts.

© Confused Thoughts


  1. You can't analyze love ❤️..

    It's an emotion that can only be felt. But cannot be explained.

    Just open up your heart ❤️.. and before you know it. You will find that love...

    Confused 🤷‍♀️.. stop ✋ analyzing and pondering 🤔..

    Enjoy 😊 each moment.. with a smile..

    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 my friend

  2. Sweet thoughts !
    Thanks for explaining such kinda beautiful lines .
    And marry Christmas you too !

  3. U are such a sweet guy.. confused 🤷‍♀️ thought

  4. Lovel ygood command over both the languages .. what can I call u ,? Ur good name plz ?

  5. Haha thank you mam !
    For reading all my small posts
    My name is shubhankar but my family members and hometown people call me Shiva

  6. Which place you belong to Shiva :) I would love to call u shiva if u don't mind its a sweet loving name filled with all the qualities .. mere niketan mein aniket ka vaas ho .. my lines for bhagwan Shiv .. niketan means home , aniket Shiva .. may lord Shiva lives in my heart .. my fav line it is

  7. I belong to bulandshahar, that is why my parent thought this name , you can watch my cover , I already have cover of Shiva 😊

  8. It's all about libido, one of your mind ,i. e., physical libido. And the other one of your heart, the emotional libido. Once you get touched by them you will realize this is all about your need and libido.
    BTW nicely written, seriously confusing.

  9. Thank you so much for reading my confused thoughts . Hahaha really I am confusing

  10. Love is when you love someone without conditions, regardless how imperfect and how the person may appear, and you remain forever faithful and in love with that person, even if that person love you in return.

  11. Even if that person loves you or doesn't love you, I meant...

  12. What nice thought !
    You have beautiful sense , how nicely you have explained 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you so much for giving special attention

  13. Thank you so much for reading my blog

  14. To love is to give without expectation.. if it is true love, when you love someone, you will feel happy when seeing that person is happy, and you won't expect anything in return except you just want that person safe, happy, and well. If the person loves you back, then you're most blessed.


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