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जब आप जिंदगी के किसी मोड़ पर लगातार असफल हो रहे हो तो आपके पास दो रास्ते हैं-
पहला रास्ता यह है, कि आप यहीं रुक जाओ और आने वाली पीढ़ी को यहाँ रुकने के बहाने गिनाओ !
दूसरा यह है, कि आप लगातार प्रयास करते रहो और इतने आगे बढ़ जाओ और खुद किसी का प्रेरणास्रोत बन जाओ|

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello bloggers ,

Hope you all are doing well 

I lived at hostel because of study,when I was 16 I had to left home.basically I belong to a small town, where I grew up and taught many life lessons . I love to spend my holidays at home so most of weekend I have to travel , hostel to home  and after weekend have to return back home to hostel .

Honestly I don't have car or other personal vehicle (generally people say mere Papa ambani ni h 😂) so I prefer public transport (roadways bus) . So I pick up bus from that city(where hostel is situated) and bus  dropped me at intersection point , which is 2 km far from my home because that point is outer from my village (  word town don't have any feel , word village  is much loving than city or  town so I use village ).when bus drop me at intersection point then I have two options to reach home

1- walking  2- Lift 

Word lift can confuse you because it have lot of meanings .if I try to find meaning behalf of you so let's analize the situations

"If we are mechanical engineer then sure I would like to say - Lift is the component of this force that is perpendicular to the oncoming flow direction. It contrasts with the drag force, which is the component of the surface force parallel to the flow direction. If the fluid is air, the force is called an aerodynamic force.  (Don't think I was brilliant student when I read the chapter hydraulics , I picked up definition from Google:):)  ) so mechanical engineer can understand much technical about word lift .

2nd situation: 

" if we are talking about love couples , when boyfriend/husband comes to his girlfriend/wife and tell her I love you . Both try to express love to each other . They are many ways to express love which are tight hug, kiss, eye contact etc , but sometimes girl friend feel so much about her love and tell to him 'Baby ! please lift me into your arms ' ,this situation  comes to mind of every love couple  if anyone ask about word LIFT .

In Other situation 

'If you are body builder then sure you love weight lifting , word is LIFT directly related to weight lifting "

After this situation

" I would like to enter in mall or metro station , where we have to options to reach 1st floor , second floor , 1- by ladders. 2- by Lift

This is different matter that you never follow guidelines which are mentioned top of the lift ( " Lift is only for senior citizens, children, pregnent women and disable persons.") so word LIFT is used here ."

After all I would like to talk about religious people 


"Hey god please lift me up , I don't want to give up , please make me strong god please lift me up !! "

Now LIFT word have totally different meaning what type of lift , is it ? 


Now comes to my small story which I have discussed above 

"When bus drop me at that point , I have to wait for some time till any vehicle(bike,auto) is passed , if vehicle comes then spontaneously words come out of mouth " bro ! Can you please offer me lift , " and most of them reply back "yes! Sure " after that they drop me at home .so that was the word Lift . 

Actually heart of India still lives at villages , you can watch the real image of India when they follow all traditions and cultur . Humanity comes into my mind when someone talks about lift .

Thanks for reading my confused thoughts .

Hope you will read till end if you read . Please give your valuable comment and correct me if need any modification. 

Yours - Shiva

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