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मौसम बदले जीवन बदले, तुम फिर फिर अपने गीत सुनाना

जीवन है तो मौसम हैं, मरने के बाद बस एक मौसम रहेगा। फिर कभी नए नए मौसम देखने का मौका ना रहेगा। जीवन है तो आयेंगे उबासी भरे दिन, कभी बसंत महोत्सव कभी पतझड़ कभी बरसाती काली रातें। तुम चलते रहना अपनी राह, चाहे कोई भी हो। तुम बदल मत लेना चलने का ढ़ंग सिर्फ़ इसलिए  क्योंकि पूरी दुनिया तुम्हारे साथ गलत कर रही है। तुम रुक मत जाना देखकर कि कितना आसान है सब यहाँ, जहाँ तुम्हारे लिए सब कुछ उपलब्ध हो बिना किसी कठिनता के। तुम बहक मत जाना सुख देखकर, रखना याद की ये केवल एक मौसम है बदल जायेगा, तुम मन मत बना लेना सबसे कट जाने का इसलिए कि तुम्हारे साथ कोई ज्यादती हुई है, तुम ख़ुद से बचकर मत भागना इसलिए कि तुम में कमियाँ बहुत हैं। तुम कोई बोझ मत लाद लेना, अपने कंधे पर की तुम्हारे बिना ये सब काम कोई और ना करेगा। तुम होना खड़े किसी रास्ते पर, देखना ऊपर आसमान में और देखना फिर अपने शरीर को, कोई फ़र्क नहीं है तुम में और इस खुले आसमान में। तुम ऐसे चलना जैसे कोई राजा चलता है, ऐसे बोलना जैसे राजा बोलते हैं। तुम राजी मत हो जाना किसी के गुलाम बनने को, तुम देना सबको जितना दे सको, देखना मत मुड़कर पीछे की तरफ, राजा देते हैं

Actually I am a soldier

Here something is going on in my mind IfA soldier writes a latter for us 

" Hello people I am a soldier  , but i am a human like you when I was teenage I woke up at 4o'clock daily and went running that time my friends were sleeping at their homes . I gave many sacrifices because I wanted to join armed forces . When I was selected , I had to left my home , family ,friends , all kinda facilities , I still remember when one of my family members was passed away that time I was on duty but I never complain.

When you were celebrating deepawali ,holi,eid at your home with your family friends that time I was protecting boarder but I was happy because my country people are feeling safe .
Memories are just memory , how can I forgot when my newly wife missed me on every karvachauth , my mother wept when I completed my leaves and was returning back to army but I m happy because of me there are many people are living happily .how can I forgot that when my younger son told me that " Papa you are bad , you don't have time for us " that time I was speechless.i had not guts to answer him , but my wife broke the silence and told to him " beta ! Your father is army man you should proud of him , your father protects our nation " I looked into her eyes there  were a sea of tears at corner but she stopped it forcefully for my sake . She never complain to me because I am a soldier .
Everyday my army brother get martyrdom happily on boarder . It gives us pride and next day another one protects the boarder . We sacrifice all our facilities for country sake , for nation sake but we never complain to everyone because there is no place for cowards in army . 
One day I was reading news paper I read about political leaders and common people who were debating about patriotism or nationalism . I tried to ignore them but that thing was disturbing my mind , I have to open news channel , debate was going on between two three political speakers . They were labeling each other as antinationalist or nationalist .that time I was shocked , here we are fighting to terrorism and there country people are debating about nationalism in their ac rooms ! Great man 
We are giving sacrifices for incredible India and there people are dividing each other in different different categories . That mean our efforts are useless .
What will I answer to my mom who is waiting at home , how can I motivate my grand son to join army . When I travelled in bus or train , did you ever offer your seat to me , no man , but I never care about it because I love all people who lives in my nation . I can shower my life happily for my nation pride , and you people are hurting the image of my nation day by day . 
When you were clubbing with your friends that time I was standing 7000 feet's above on mountain . When you was watching movie with your girlfriend that time I was running in army ground for fitness sake 
But we never complain to you .
Oh man (to country people)

Please stop fighting , and useless debate ,focus on development .
It's my job to fight with all enemies 
It's my job to make sure that county people are safe 
This time I am thinking about my younger son who asked a question to me -

" Beta , actually I am a soldier"

-- jai hind jai Bharat 
- soldier

एक फौजी लडता है वतन के वास्ते
और हम लडते हैं वेतन के वास्ते
अगर कुछ नहीं हुआ दोस्तो
तो ये दुनिया चलेगी 
पतन के रास्ते


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