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जब आप जिंदगी के किसी मोड़ पर लगातार असफल हो रहे हो तो आपके पास दो रास्ते हैं-
पहला रास्ता यह है, कि आप यहीं रुक जाओ और आने वाली पीढ़ी को यहाँ रुकने के बहाने गिनाओ !
दूसरा यह है, कि आप लगातार प्रयास करते रहो और इतने आगे बढ़ जाओ और खुद किसी का प्रेरणास्रोत बन जाओ|

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Actually I am a soldier

Here something is going on in my mind IfA soldier writes a latter for us 

" Hello people I am a soldier  , but i am a human like you when I was teenage I woke up at 4o'clock daily and went running that time my friends were sleeping at their homes . I gave many sacrifices because I wanted to join armed forces . When I was selected , I had to left my home , family ,friends , all kinda facilities , I still remember when one of my family members was passed away that time I was on duty but I never complain.

When you were celebrating deepawali ,holi,eid at your home with your family friends that time I was protecting boarder but I was happy because my country people are feeling safe .
Memories are just memory , how can I forgot when my newly wife missed me on every karvachauth , my mother wept when I completed my leaves and was returning back to army but I m happy because of me there are many people are living happily .how can I forgot that when my younger son told me that " Papa you are bad , you don't have time for us " that time I was speechless.i had not guts to answer him , but my wife broke the silence and told to him " beta ! Your father is army man you should proud of him , your father protects our nation " I looked into her eyes there  were a sea of tears at corner but she stopped it forcefully for my sake . She never complain to me because I am a soldier .
Everyday my army brother get martyrdom happily on boarder . It gives us pride and next day another one protects the boarder . We sacrifice all our facilities for country sake , for nation sake but we never complain to everyone because there is no place for cowards in army . 
One day I was reading news paper I read about political leaders and common people who were debating about patriotism or nationalism . I tried to ignore them but that thing was disturbing my mind , I have to open news channel , debate was going on between two three political speakers . They were labeling each other as antinationalist or nationalist .that time I was shocked , here we are fighting to terrorism and there country people are debating about nationalism in their ac rooms ! Great man 
We are giving sacrifices for incredible India and there people are dividing each other in different different categories . That mean our efforts are useless .
What will I answer to my mom who is waiting at home , how can I motivate my grand son to join army . When I travelled in bus or train , did you ever offer your seat to me , no man , but I never care about it because I love all people who lives in my nation . I can shower my life happily for my nation pride , and you people are hurting the image of my nation day by day . 
When you were clubbing with your friends that time I was standing 7000 feet's above on mountain . When you was watching movie with your girlfriend that time I was running in army ground for fitness sake 
But we never complain to you .
Oh man (to country people)

Please stop fighting , and useless debate ,focus on development .
It's my job to fight with all enemies 
It's my job to make sure that county people are safe 
This time I am thinking about my younger son who asked a question to me -

" Beta , actually I am a soldier"

-- jai hind jai Bharat 
- soldier

एक फौजी लडता है वतन के वास्ते
और हम लडते हैं वेतन के वास्ते
अगर कुछ नहीं हुआ दोस्तो
तो ये दुनिया चलेगी 
पतन के रास्ते


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