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पूरे खर्च हो जाओ ! विचार

 नया रखोगे कहाँ ज़नाब अगर पहले से भरे पड़े हो? कहीं ख़र्च हो लो, कुछ तो ख़ाली जगह बनाओ। ~ #ShubhankarThinks

Actually I am a soldier

Here something is going on in my mind If A soldier writes a latter for us  " Hello  people I am a soldier  , but i am a human like you when I was teenage I woke up at 4o'clock daily and went running that time my friends were sleeping at their homes . I gave many sacrifices because I wanted to join armed forces . When I was selected , I had to left my home , family ,friends , all kinda facilities , I still remember when one of my family members was passed away that time I was on duty but I never complain. When you were celebrating deepawali ,holi,eid at your home with your family friends that time I was protecting boarder but I was happy because my country people are feeling safe . Memories are just memory , how can I forgot when my newly wife missed me on every karvachauth , my mother wept when I completed my leaves and was returning back to army but I m happy because of me there are many people are living happily .how can I forgot that when my younger son told me that "


Everyone talks about pain, I don't no the perfect definition of pain but let me try to find situations when pain is occurred.if I remember something then few point are come to mind : When my late grandpa told me that "oh! It's too much pain today , give me any pain killer with water (medicine) when I was child I thought that this is pain but later I saw a person who was injured in accident and doctors were performing an operation .I heard a lot of painful voices that time I realized that this is called unbearable pain after that One day , one of my friend was talking about his love life , they were best couple in our college ,according to him : "she left me due to some reasons and now she is girlfriend of other one ,it hurts me alot ,I can't bear this pain , it kills my inner soul" . I was shocked because he planned many things about his future now she broke up so I can declare that he is having intolerable pain . After some days, An old women was

नोट बन्दी का शादियों पर प्रभाव

जैसा कि जगत विदित है,८नवम्बर को प्रधानमंत्री जी ने एक नोट बन्दी नाम से बम फोडा ,जिसके प्रभाव से अनेक लोगों को तरह तरह की असुविधायें हुईं ! मगर शादियों पर इसका मुख्य प्रभाव पडा !जैसा कि केजरीवाल जी ने बताया के सालियों को हम चैक तो नहीं दे सकते ,मनीष सिसौदिया जी ने इस बात का पुरजोर सहयोग किया और सालियों के हक की लडाई की बात की ! सिलसिला यही नहीं थमा हमारे कुछ और नेताओं का साली प्रेम इतना जागा उन्होने बौखलाहट में सालियों को इन्साफ दिलाने की एक मुहिम छेड दी | शादियों का सीजन है, अब जैसे ही सालियों को इस मामले के बारे में पता चला ,उनका वर्षों पुराना दर्द हरा हो गया जब उन्हें जूता चुराई के लिए मात्र ११ रुपये दिये जाते थे ! उन्होने मिलकर एक संघ बनाने की मांग तक कर डाली, "अखिल भारतीय जूता चुराई संघ" और अपने पुराने धन को वापस लेने के लिए जीजा पर केस करने की कवायद शुरू कर दी | इस बात का प्रभाव आम आदमी तक ही नहीं रूका !इसकी आंच नेताओं तक आयी, केजरीवाल जी, आशुतोष यहां तक की कुमार अविश्वास से भी सालियों का विश्वास उठ गया और उन्होने बकाया राशि की मांग की | अब केजरीवाल जी दुविधा में हैं !बो